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We know not everyone is able to come to our center. Schedule At Home Blood work today!

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When deciding on where to set up a new office, we decided on the heart of Rockland county. Given Rockland’s diversity  and strong community spirit, there is no place we’d rather be. Rockland is a community that truly embodies the spirit of America. We’re here to serve this community and look forward to meeting it’s many residents, We offer Covid testing (both rapid and PCR); Rapid is resulted in minutes and we can guarantee your PCR results within 24 hours; therefore, if you need a pcr prior to travel or surgery, we will ensure you receive the utmost appropriate care.

Our Services

Covid Testing

Using federally approved standards for Rapid Antigen, Rapid PCR and send out PCR tests, we will ensure you are treated with the utmost attention and respect.

Medical Visits

We treat everything from upper respiratory infections to lacerations and casting. Whatever your medical needs, we will be able to assess and treat you.


If you require a physical for work, sports, leisure or just annually, we will be able to provide your needed tests.We have staff ready to assist you in blood draws, vaccinations, for your physicals.


We are here to help with any urgent care needed. If you have an accident or injury, please come in or call us and we will direct you to the best care possible.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care

We will ensure that any medical needs you have will be addressed appropriately from Upper respiratory infections, Urinary tract infections, fractures, lacerations and most other medical needs which can be treated. Please feel free to contact our office at your convenience and our friendly staff will help with any issues; or, you can visit our website to make an appointment at your convenience. We are available 7:30 am-9pm 7 days a week; we will have telemedicine available 24 hours daily within the next few weeks.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

 Same Day Appointments are Available.


staff@aamedcenter.com 24/7 Service Available.

295 NY-304 Bardonia, NY 10954

 7:30 am-9pm